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Ear, Nose & Throat Disorder

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Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders

Symptoms of ENT Disorder

There are many ENT disorders and each of them has several common and/or unique symptoms. Some of the most common ENT symptoms are listed below:

1. Intense ear pain that increases when the earlobe is pulled is one of the most common symptoms associated with Swimmer’s ear. This ear infection can also cause severe pain while chewing and swollen lymph nodes.

2. Increasing pressure within the affected ear along with debilitating pain as well as dense fungal debris within the ear are the common symptoms of fungal ear canal infections.

3. Intense or dull pain, fluid discharge, difficulty hearing or a loss of balance are the most common symptoms of ear infections.

4. Increased nasal discharge and frequent headaches are the main symptoms of sinusitis

5. Daytime drowsiness, morning headaches and waking up frequently during the night are some of the common causes of Sleep Apnea.

6. Congestion, fever fatigue and an accompanying cough are the main symptoms of nasal problems.

7. Difficulty swallowing, sore throat, fever, fatigue and enlarged lymph nodes are common symptoms of Strep Throat

8. A severe sore throat accompanied by difficulty in swallowing, fever and chills are some of the common symptoms of Tonsillitis.

9. Extreme fatigue and lethargy, sore throat, difficulty swallowing and body aches are some of the other common symptoms for throat infections.

Causes of ENT Disorder

ENT disorders can be divided into fungal, bacterial and viral. In addition to this environmental causes are also important as they increase the risk of infection.

Fungal: Fungal infections can spread at an alarming rate as fungus reproduces very quickly. ENT fungal infections need immediate attention as the slightest delay in medication can have severe and lasting repercussions.

Bacterial: Bacterial infections are common in areas that are bruised or damaged in some way. Bacterial infections are generally localized and therefore a bacterial throat infection will hurt on one specific side.

Viral: Viral infections are generally systemic which means that they affect more than one body part or body system at a time. These infections cannot be cured with antibiotics.

Environmental: Environmental causes such as continuous dampness can trigger an infection. This is very often seen in cases of swimmers who suffer from a ear infection commonly known as swimmer’s ear. Cleaning the insides of your ear with water on a regular basis too can cause this infection.

Remedies for ENT Disorder

ENT disorders are treated according to their causes and symptoms. It is important to go in for a physical examination in order to get an accurate diagnosis.

1. A fungal or bacterial infection can be effectively treated with antimicrobial ingredients such as ginger and garlic. Garlic oil is often used to treat ear infections while ginger tea is used to treat throat infections.

2. Steam inhalation is very effective in treating nose and throat infections as it helps the body to expel the mucus that contains these pathogens. Eucalyptus oil is often added to the steaming water as it helps to soothe inflammation and promote mucous expulsion.

3. A warm salt water gargle can be used to treat throat infections as salt is a mild antiseptic. It also helps with severe congestion.

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