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Connecting Facebook & DeziForum

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Hi guys,

Well today i just wanted to let ya guys know that u can actually connect your deziforum account with your facebook account. You should see "FCONNECT" tab right next to log in place or if u r logged in right next to ur nick click on it.
Attachment 85
Once u click on this "FConnect" tab you will see a new pop up window which will look like this.

Attachment 86

Once you get to this window just type your facebook log on information and when u do that it will automatically log u into your forum account aswel....Once u logged in u will see ur facebook display pic right next to your nick like this one

Attachment 87

Afterwords u can browse the forum asusual and if u wanna share anything from forum to ur facebook wall which could be any informative post or anything that u have shared on forum and would like to share with ur friends on facebook can so so by clicking the "LIKE" tab on top of every thread.... as this one.

Attachment 88

You can also publish any new thread that you create on forum to your facebook again it could b any of ur post that u want ur facebook friends to b aware about by cheking "Publish to Facebook" on the bottom of the page right next to "submit new thread" tab... as shown

Attachment 89

Hope this will help you guys and if you need any help you can pm me or ask in this thread.


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