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Acne Solutions ... !!!

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Looking for a natural way to treat your acne? You probably have a variety of reasons for wanting to try natural acne solutions. It could be that your body had an adverse reaction to artificial solutions, or you simply want to try alternative solutions to your persistent acne problems.Here are some of the natural acne solutions you can try:

1. Honey. Honey is recognized for its antibacterial properties, which may prove beneficial if you apply it on your face twice a week. Honey can then kill acne-causing bacteria that might be hiding under your skin. What’s more, honey is easily available and relatively cheap, so you won’t have any problems acquiring this.

2. Tea tree oil. Benzoyl peroxide is a known and effective acne solution. However, if you’re not too keen on applying that solution on your face, tea tree oil might be a good alternative. Tea tree oil is a little slower to take effect than bezoyl peroxide, but if you’re all about using natural products then tea tree oil does the job well.

3. Washing your face regularly. Sometimes, all you need to prevent acne is an ounce of proper hygiene. Washing your face regularly can significantly reduce your chances of having acne.

4. Proper diet. Believe it or not, the food that you eat can also cause acne breakouts. There are studies which suggest that there are certain foods that can cause acne such as milk, as well as foods rich in carbohydrates

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