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If you're driving one of those monster trucks and you need to make the best possible time, nothing like taking advantage of stress relieving over everything you can!And if that kind of destruction makes you happy, then you can smile, since causing the most diverse explosions is one of the player's tasks in Monster Trucks.Here you find a vehicle full of power and tracks filled with obstacles, buildings, ramps and the most diverse follies.That is, to detonate in this game you should not make curves or follow a perfect stroke, but rather follow almost straight and bursting with everything you can. So, are you going to enjoy some of that adrenaline?

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In [Dear Guest/Member you can't see link before replyclick here to register], you do not find any kind of coaxing before starting the game. Just click with the mouse to start treading. The first lane, in the desert, has few obstacles, serving as a sort of introduction for you to understand how everything works.

From there, increasing challenges will begin to emerge. If you first glanced over here and there, you now have to overcome whole buildings, super-high ramps, and various different obstacles that get in your way - including crazy looping.

But do not think that they are only there to hinder your progress. When you can blast a car passing over it, for example, a time bonus is added to your end result. Likewise, if you can catch the prizes during the race or make deadly jumps during the jumps, more and more seconds will be won.

With this, the task of obtaining the gold medals becomes less complicated. As you progress through the game, new tracks are unlocked, as well as different vehicles and radical paintings - which have everything to do with the game.

Monster Trucks brings, in all overgrown and increasingly crazy tracks, taking you from the snow to the desert, through beaches and urban environments. To control your vehicle during matches, you use only the directional arrows on your keyboard.

The graphics of the Monster Trucks are very good, especially if you take into account the fact that it is a game that runs directly in the browser. All elements of the game were modeled in three dimensions, from the simple trees that make up the scenery to ramps, obstacles and, of course, cars. Everything is very capricious.

The game play of the [Dear Guest/Member you can't see link before replyclick here to register], with the car responding well to commands. There is a good degree of difficulty, because although you do not have to make turns, you should be able to balance the car when it goes on a ramp or obstacle. In that sense, the physics of the title may displease a bit, since in some cases the vehicle overturns for no apparent reason, getting stuck and ending with its departure.

The sounds of the game are medium and, if they do not please, also do not get in the way. There are exciting songs full of guitar riffs, but the track you play during races is always the same. That is, although the song is not bad, you end up getting sick of it after a game time.

The other sound effects of the Monster Trucks boil down to a few explosion noises and to the engine of the vehicle, something that could be more elaborate, with more characteristic effects for the explosions or something special for when you perform a maneuver, for example .

The game has a satisfactory number of stages and, if you want one more challenge, you can still register with the developer and face other players in search of the best time. Monster Trucks is free, runs directly on your browser and features beautiful graphics and fun stages.