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    How to apply Concealer

    Do you want to learn how to apply concealer? Concealer is a type of makeup used to cover up blemishes, dark circles under the eyes and other skin imperfections of your face. Applying concealer isn't difficult - but you do need to be sure you apply it in a way that it conceals, rather than drawing attention to a flaw. There are tricks to covering up problems and then essentially camouflaging the concealer itself. You'll want to choose the right concealer for your skin tone, prepare the skin for the makeup and apply the concealer correctly to get the best coverage.

    Make sure you choose the right one and apply it correctly, or it could actually enhance skin imperfections rather than hiding them. This guide takes you through the steps of how to apply concealer.

    Step 1: Choosing a Concealer
    Choosing the right concealer is important, as concealers come in many different types. As a rule of thumb, a basic concealer used to cover up skin imperfections should be about one shade lighter than your own natural skin tone, so that you can blend the imperfections, such as a blemish, into the skin. Here are some specific kinds of concealers along with their functions:

    Colored-toned concealers are designed with a specific purpose, such as green-toned concealers to balance out red acne and purple-toned concealers used to brighten dark circles under the eyes or other dark spots.

    If your skin is prone to breakouts and acne, make sure the concealer doesn't have any ingredients that could make the problem worse by clogging up your pores. You should choose a non-comodogenic concealer.

    A cream concealer is best for dry skin, as it is moisturizing. If the skin under the eye is too dry, the concealer could settle into the folds, giving a caked look.

    Stick concealers may offer better coverage for blemishes. Some concealers are specifically designed to target blemishes - many will include acne-fighting ingredients, including salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to treat and prevent acne as they cover.

    Step 2: Preparing the Skin
    Before applying a concealer, you will want to prepare the skin by moisturizing. If you have puffiness under the eyes (one of the most common problems for those with dark circles in need of concealer), you'll want to ensure that you've prepared the eyes for the makeup properly. Apply a moisturizing eye cream or gel by gently patting the product under the eyes. Allow plenty of time for the moisturizer to absorb before you apply the concealer. In addition, apply a good facial moisturizer to the rest of your face and allow it to dry thoroughly before you proceed.

    If you're doing your makeup in the morning (shortly after waking), you might deal with puffy eyes more than you would later in the day, as fluid tends to accumulate under the eyes while we are sleeping. A good moisturizer can help reduce the puffiness. Look for products that contain small amounts of caffeine; some experts say the caffeine can help to quickly shrink puffiness

    Step 3: Applying a Concealer
    Once you have applied a good moisturizer to your face and your eyes, you're ready to apply the concealer. Should you apply the concealer before or after your put on foundation? Experts differ with their approaches, but generally you can apply the concealer either before or after - just make sure you put it on before you apply powder to your face.

    Make sure you are working with clean fingers or with a clean makeup brush or wedge-shaped sponge. To properly apply concealer under the eyes, put a small amount of the concealer on the finger, brush or sponge and begin in the corner of the eye. Gently sweep outward, blending the concealer in as you go. Start with a small amount of product at first - you can always add more if needed. Make sure you are not rubbing the delicate skin under the eyes, as it can be easily damaged (this is one of the first areas of the face where aging begins to show).
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