In this Western world and environment that we live in, we sadly see that Muslim females (teenagers) are the target of the Kufaar. Their aim is to cause Muslim females to lose their respect and integrity, taking them away from a pious and truly fruitful Islamic life. Many Muslims females throughout the world today are caught in the trap of drugs, alcohol, club going, adultery and various other detrimental activities.

My respected Muslim Sisters! Look at what you are doing and see for yourself whether you are causing benefit or harm to your selves?

Think of what you are doing and, then Remember! That Almighty Allah is watching your every action. My dear Muslims sisters! Dress Islamically, Do not try to copy the West. Do not strive to look and dress like the Kufaar. After you leave this world, you being a duplicate of any film or pop-star will not be of any assistance to you in your grave or in the hereafter. Forget and divorce yourself from the traps of the West. Instill in yourself true beauty, true respect and true integrity. Rather than trying to portray a pop-star or any other Kaafir. Portray Sayyida Faatima Zahra (radi Allahu anha), the Blessed daughter of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). She who will be the Queen of the Maidens of Jannat.

Do you wish to enter Jannah? Do you wish to be in the companionship?