Q1. When is it obligatory for a female to make Ghusal?
A1. She should make Ghusal:-
To become clean from menstrual period (Haiz).
To become clean from blood after childbirth (Nifas).
When a woman experiences a wet dream and has a discharge from her private parts.
If a male has sexual intercourse with a female, bathing would be obligatory on both.

Q2. How should the body be washed in Ghusal?
A2. Every single part of the body must be washed. Make sure that the water reaches all parts of the body up to and including the soles of the feet. Ensure that every strand of hair and every pore is washed, because even if only one strand of hair or it's point equivalent remains dry, the Ghusal will not be valid.

Q3. What should you do if your hair is plaited?
A3. If your hair is plaited, you are excused from loosening your plaited hair but it is compulsory for you to wash the base of each and every strand of hair. If you fail to do this, then the Ghusl will not be valid. If a single strand of hair is left dry, Ghusl will not be valid. If you are unable to wet the very bottom of your plaited hair, then it is necessary for you to un-plait and wash your entire hair. It is recommended to open the plaited hair before Ghusal.

Q4. Are you allowed making Ghusal while wearing rings and ear-rings?
A4. No. All finger and ear-rings should be removed while bathing to allow water to pass onto the skin. There is fear that water will not pass easily over these areas if you do not remove them.

Q5. When making Ghusal, what is the rule if the nose is pierced?
A5. If the nose is pierced then the water must reach the hole in which the nose-ring was as this too is also necessary.

Q6. Is it permissible to make Ghusal with cutex on the nails?
A6. If any substances like cutex, flour, paint or gum is stuck on the skin or nails, it must be removed to allow water to pass on the skin and nails.

Q7. When should the hair from under the armpits be removed?
A7. One should remove all hair from under the armpits at least once a week. One should not delay the removal of hair for more than 40 days. The hair that is removed should be buried.

Q8. When should the hair (pubic hair) be removed from below the navel?
A8. One should remove unwanted hair at least once a week. This also should not be delayed for more than 40 days.