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    Nov 2010

    Hockey coach kicks out player from training camp for fasting


    Pakistan hockey coach Akhtar Rasool on Wednesday stirred up a huge controversy when he kicked out experienced forward Shakeel Abbasi from the national training camp for fasting.
    The development is likely to ignite discussion on whether sportsmen should fast during matches or training camps.
    Rasool said he had taken disciplinary action against Abbasi for violating instructions and policy.
    "It was decided very clearly before the camp began that no player will fast because during fasting it is not possible to focus on your training and drills," Rasool said.
    "If Abbasi wants to fast he should do it at home. This is a national camp and all players are required to focus on their training. The forthcoming Asia Cup is a do or die situation for us if we don't win it we can qualify for the World Cup," he said.
    In response Shakil said that he believe he can focus on his training while fasting without any issues and fasting or not fasting is individual's choice.

    Any thoughts ??

    Ƭσʋт ƨα ɢαʏα нαι мɛяι cнαнαтσи κα ωαʝσσ∂

    Aαв κσι αcнα внι ℓαɢɛʏ тʋ нʋм ιʓнαя иαнι κɛятɛ

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    Nov 2014

    بہت ھی عمدہ شیرینگ ھے ۔
    اپ کابہت شکریہ۔ نوازش ۔



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