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    Ping Pong Balls

    Three men wanted to mary the same woman.
    She couldn't decide. So She decided to come up with a fun way. "
    Whoever brings me the most ping-pong balls, that's who I'll mary."
    One week goes by, and the first man comes up with a dump-truck full of ping-pong balls.
    She's impressed.
    Another week goes by, and another man comes back with a freight train full of ping-pong balls. She's verry impressed.
    She waits for the 3rd man.
    Finally, he comes back after six months.
    He's beat up. He's got a black eye, and he's covered with bruises and splattered with blood. He's carring a trash-bag. The lady says, "Sorry man, it doesn't look like you have enough ping-pong balls in that bag." He exclaims, "Ping-pong balls? I thought you said King Kong's balls!"

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    Dec 2010
    Lol ..!!!!!!!!!!



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