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    Nov 2010

    thumbs up How 2 Increase da life of your SSD DRIVE in Windows 7

    Having a SSD Solid State Drive is the perfect way to give your existing windows 7 system a speed boost. But the life expectancy of an SSD drive is far less than that of a normal IDE/Sata hard-drive. So I decided to write this guide to help people understand how we can get the most out of our SSD drives by improving performance and life expectancy

    Follow The Below Steps To Increase The Life of Your SSD Drives On Windows 7

    1 Disable. Windows Indexing Service. Click on start and type in services.msc and hit enter. Double click on Windows Search and set it to disabled. Next click on the My Computer icon on the desktop, then right click on the SSD drive Usually C Drive and click on properties, Then make sure Allow files on this device to have contents indexed is unticked, Click apply then ok.

    2 Disable System Restore. Right click on My Computer icon on the desktop and select properties. Click on system protection tab. Select your drive and click on configure now select Turn off system protection.

    3 Disable Auto Running Of Defrag. Click on the My Computer icon on the desktop then right click on the SSD drive (Usually C Drive) and click on properties. Click tools tab, click Defrag now click configure schedule. Untick the box Run on a schedule then click ok.

    4 Disable Superfetch. Click on start and type in services.msc and hit enter. Double click on Superfetch and set it to disabled

    5 Disable Windows Paging File. Right click on My Computer icon on the desktop and select properties, then select Remote Settings Advanced Performance Settings Advanced Tab Change. Untick the box at the top then select your SSD drive and select no paging file. If you have another hard-disk in your computer you could move the paging file to there.

    6 Disable Windows Defender Scheduled Scan Go to the control panel click on windows defender Click Tools Options then untick Automatically scan my computer then click on save

    7 Disable Unwanted Programs From AutoLaunch. Click start then type in msconfig and hit enter. Now click on the startup tab and untick anything that you do not need windows to run once it has started. If you are unsure what to disable please post here before disabling it.

    8 AntiVirus. Make sure your antivirus program does not have a scheduled virus scan Disable it if it does.

    9 Turn off application updates With certain programs such as adobe reader and java they can be configured to automatically check if newer versions are available, if newer versions are available they will also automatically downloaded, which means writing files to your SSD.

    10 Check Task Manager For Top I/O Processes Open task manager by pressing CTRL + Shift + ESC Click on Show processes from all users click on the processes tab then sort the I/O Reads by max to min. Now take a look at the top processes of I/O Reads and is there funny processes there?? It is possible that there is a process that takes up a lot of I.O that you could stop. If you are unsure about a process post about it in our forum. Repeat the above process for the I/O Write column

    11 Check Task Scheduler Go in to the control panel and click on scheduled tasks. Disable tasks in there that you do not need. There might be a task in here to do a full virus scan on your PC or something similar. If your not to sure what you can disable post about it in our forum.

    12 Stop And Disable Unwanted Windows Services. Click on start and type in services.msc and hit enter. Now double click on a service you dont need and set it to disabled then reboot your machine for it to take effect. Below is a list of services you might consider to disable.

    Audio Service Only disable if you dont want audio on your system
    Branch Cache This caches network content
    Computer Browser If you disable this service your computer will not popup in the mynetwork for the domain
    Disk Defrafmenter Your system will not be able to defrag with this disabled
    Print Spooler Disable only if you never plan to print anything from your system
    Server Service Disable if you dont plan to share any files / printers on your system
    Themes If you dont use windows 7 themes disable this service
    Windows Audio Only disable if you dont want audio on your system
    Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Only disable if you dont want audio on your system

    13 Install Programs On Sata Drive If possible only install the OS on your SSD drive and install programs on a secondary sata / IDE drive.

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